Collaborative Divorce Coaching

If you are trying to decide how to pursue a divorce or separation, we are glad you are exploring the possibility of a Collaborative Divorce.  This process allows the couple and family to have legal, financial, and emotional support during a difficult time of transition, without going to court.  By not pursuing litigation, you are giving yourself the best chances of preserving a relationship with your spouse, particularly if you are going to be co-parenting.  Through the support of a team involving two Attorneys, a Financial Neutral and Collaborative Divorce Coach, you are able to address your family's unique needs and explore creative solutions to come to a mutually acceptable durable agreement.  

A Collaborative Divorce Coach is a guide to this process, not just for the clients, but also the other professionals involved.  The Collaborative Divorce Coach is neutral, and therefore is not aligned with either client, allowing them to listen and help assess the client's needs and priorities and express those concerns throughout the process.  This is not therapy, but it can be healing, as the couple often finds greater understanding of themselves, as well as an increased ability to let go of the things that were not working for them in the marriage. Dr. Julia A. McAninch will meet with each client individually at least twice in the beginning of the process and then assess together the best ways for you to receive support throughout their divorce.  

Dr. McAninch was introduced and trained in Collaborative Divorce in 2009 and was actively involved in introducing it to the Middle TN area as a new way to pursue a divorce that preserves the dignity of the clients and greater support for the family.  She is a founding Board Member and Past President of the Middle TN Collaborative Alliance and the most experienced Collaborative Divorce Coach in the area. An active member of International Association of Collaborative Professionals, she was a graduate of their inaugural Leadership Academy.  

By leading Collaborative Divorce trainings throughout the US and Canada, being a contributing author to The Divorce Puzzle, and writing articles for The Collaborative Review, Dr. McAninch is committed to making Collaborative Divorce accessible to families. 

Providing Emotional, Financial, and Legal Support to Families in Transition.

The Benefits of the Collaborative Divorce Process

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