Problem-Solving Consulting

Navigating High-Stakes Conversations for Better Outcomes

You’ve probably had that experience before, sitting over coffee with someone where the conversation is so riveting that time melts away and you leave stimulated, your brain swirling with thoughts and ideas. The creative energy generates so many new ideas that you have to write them down and decide where you might begin, where you might take an action or share a new thought with others.  

You’ve probably had the other experience too.  The one where the conversation isn’t two-way. The tone is negative, self-serving, or unproductive. You might have been in a place where you gave up trying to participate, or worse…you were fearful to bring your ideas to light. 

It’s true. Human beings transform through conversation with others, and meaningful discourse that generates creative ideas, new ways of thinking and acceptance are what we crave.  We want to be heard and seen. And most of us lack the skills for productive conflict. In those negative spaces, we often lack the commitment to be in a tough conversation even though we know that’s the only way to attain a breakthrough.  

Through 10 years of working together with clients, teams, and organizations, Julia McAninch, Psy.D. and Benjamin Papa, PLLC have experienced how having the skills and commitment to stay in dialogue can generate amazing outcomes for those in conflict.  We’ve seen teams of people rise to a better understanding of each other and gain a more open way of being together that generates incredible outcomes.   

We bring a unique blend of professional education and experience, personal commitment to inclusion, diverse opinions, and points of view, and a belief that we are better working together, than what any one person can contribute to success on their own.   

“If there is no transformation inside of us, all of the structural change in the world will have no impact on our institutions.” – Peter Block 

What To Expect

Building and deploying creative and generative skills for communicating, collaborating and developing action plans for teams. 

Removing barriers to authentic, collaborative and sustainable dialogue to discover needs, solutions and wisdom held by the group in the pursuit of better outcomes for stakeholders. 

Creating efficiencies and increased productivity through improved conversations and stronger relationships to accomplish more together. 

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